We kicked off the month with our spectacular annual celebration, followed by team members from Cotter Consulting volunteering with us in our efforts to clean up one of our buildings. Additionally, our dedicated junior board members brought their energy to brighten up the outdoor space at the Early Learning Center. As we gear up for summer camps, pre-school graduation, and preparations for the upcoming fall, we’re eagerly anticipating an exciting August Pickleball fundraiser organized by our dear friends from @Properties.

Read on to enjoy all that transpired this month and to learn what’s ahead.

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Check out these fun events we have coming up, and join us! 

  • Wednesday, June 21 – Foster Parent Orientation

  • Wednesday, June 28 – Foster Parent Training
  • **Thursday, June 29 – Quarterly Family Summer Fun Event

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* Events open to the public (most of our events are community-based)
** Volunteers are needed

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We Are ONE Chicago Celebration
Our annual fundraiser, held on June 2nd, was an incredible event where we raised essential funds for our programs and fostered a sense of community, learning, laughter, and inspiration. It allowed us to come together and continue the impactful work that fuels our passion. To experience the full recap and witness the amazing moments of the evening, please CLICK HERE.

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Clean Up
A HUGE shoutout to the dedicated volunteers from the Cotter Consulting corporate team who generously spent their time sorting, organizing, and packing thousands of clothing pieces and blankets that we were able to donate to support Chicago’s temporary migrant shelters.

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Painting Party!
We had fun painting the entrance sign for our Early Learning Center, all thanks to the incredible talent of our Junior Board members, Katie Conroy and Derek Breese! A HUGE shoutout to Mr. Eddie, Viviana, and Carol for their support during the painting process. Now, the outside is just as welcoming as the inside!

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CLICK HERE to see more pictures of the paint party.