Meet Barbara Gonzalez

We are delighted to introduce Barbara Gonzalez, the newest addition to our team at Children’s Place. As a dedicated home visitor, Barbara brings a wealth of enthusiasm and expertise to our organization.

When it comes to her role at Children’s Place, Barbara’s love for her work shines through. She finds immense joy in the trainings provided and cherishes the opportunity to work closely with the children. Her passion for empowering and supporting young minds is truly inspiring.

During her free time, Barbara indulges in her creative side. She has a deep appreciation for arts and crafts, allowing her imagination to soar while crafting beautiful pieces. Additionally, music holds a special place in her heart, and she finds solace in listening to melodies that touch her soul.

Barbara’s unique imagination extends beyond her creative pursuits. If she were granted a superpower, she dreams of acquiring the ability to absorb knowledge from books simply by touching them. This desire exemplifies her thirst for learning and her dedication to personal growth.

When it comes to treats, Barbara’s favorite ice cream flavor is coconut. Its rich and tropical taste perfectly complements her vibrant personality.

The Children’s Place team feels incredibly grateful to have Barbara as part of our organization. Her unwavering passion, creativity, and commitment to our mission make her an invaluable asset. Thank you, Barbara, for being a remarkable member of our team!

About Our Home-Based Program:

Our home-visiting program offers vital support to parents as they deal with the challenges of raising babies and young children. Their visits focus on linking pregnant women with prenatal care, promoting strong parent-child attachment, and coaching parents on learning activities that foster their child’s development and supporting parents’ role as their child’s first and most important teacher. Home visitors also conduct regular screenings to help parents identify possible health and developmental issues. Are you interested in learning more about this free program, or do you know someone who might?

Email: or call 773-395-9193.