In a world where compassion and dedication can change lives, there are individuals like Ms. Janice Evans who shine as beacons of hope. For over 20 years, Ms. Evans has been a foster mom to 16 children, many of whom have had complex special needs. Her unwavering commitment to the Children’s Place Association has not only provided a loving home for these children but has also left an indelible mark on the program. In recognition of her exceptional efforts, she was recently honored at the Building Bridges, Connecting Communities Celebration held in early June.

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A Legacy of Love:
Her journey as a foster mother began over two decades ago, when she made a conscious decision to open her heart and home to children in need. Throughout the years, she has fostered 16 kids, many of whom came with conditions that required specialized care. Ms. Evans’s unwavering dedication and boundless love have transformed their lives, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment where they could thrive.

Our Deep Gratitude:
“Janice Evans has been an invaluable partner to our program and agency for two decades,” exclaimed Ivan Harrison III, Children’s Place Association Director of Child Welfare. “Her unwavering dedication has touched the lives of countless children and youth, providing a nurturing home for those with diverse special needs. With love, guidance, and an abundance of care, she has created a safe and structured environment for these children. Additionally, Ms. Evans has selflessly adopted multiple children and fostered enduring connections with their biological families. Without her and our other amazing foster/adoptive parents, our important work would not be possible.”

From Ms. Evans:
” I thank CPA for the opportunity to be of service to our children. I feel blessed to have been able to bless, inspire, love, encourage, nurturer, shelter, and teach the Lord’s prayer to all (16) of my babies. That was the best thing I could give to each of them. That no matter the road they take or where life takes them, they know they have a Father who cares and a #2 Mom who loves them dearly. To God Be The Glory! Take care my CPA Family, much Love and Appreciation!”

A Lasting Legacy:
Ms. Evans’s impact on the Children’s Place Association and the foster care community cannot be overstated. Her tireless dedication, compassion, and resilience serve as an inspiration to others. Her journey is a testament to the incredible impact one person can make when they choose to open their heart and make a difference in the lives of others. Her legacy of love will continue to resonate in the lives of the children she has cared for and the community she has touched.