Low-income families receive this vital early education – both onsite and home-based – so crucial to a child’s future achievement, that children with illness or disabilities don’t often receive.

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Served Annually By These Programs


  • Children with Illnesses

  • Children with Disabilities

  • Low-income children


  • Center-Based Initiatives

  • Home Based Initiatives
  • High-Quality Curricula
  • Wrap-Around Services

Early education is vital for a child’s future achievement.

The Arthur E. Jones

Early Childhood Care & Learning Center

Since 1998, the Arthur E. Jones Early Childhood Care and Learning Center (ELC) has served the developmental needs of children. Originally opened for children affected by HIV/AIDS, the Center now serves many low-income children, ages six weeks to five years old, whose families are challenged by various health conditions and disabilities.

The majority of families we serve are single-parent households with a family member (adult and/or child) facing a serious health condition. Our program is one of Chicago’s only early education centers with on-site health services, including a full-time registered nurse who coordinates screening and special therapies. Our staff and teachers also deliver specialized curriculum, customized to meet the needs of each individual child. Despite numerous challenges, 100% of children graduating from our Center are fully prepared for kindergarten.


100% of children graduating from our Center are fully prepared for kindergarten.

  • On-site Health Services
  • Developmental Screenings
  • Specialized Curriculum
  • Special Therapies

Home-Based Early Education

Home visits advance parents’ skills as primary educators and promote the healthy growth of children from birth to three years old. This initiative targets low-income families unable to access center-based care. We provide a variety of services: developmental and emotional screenings, monthly infant health checks by a registered nurse, nutrition assessments and life-skills education for parents.


  • Developmental Screenings
  • Emotional Screenings
  • Infant Health Checks
  • Nutrition Assessments
  • Life-Skills For Parents

“My life could have gone in a different direction – not such a good direction…. Thank you, Children’s Place, for being the base of who I am and for helping jump-start me into the life I live now.”

Andre, Former Children’s Place client (Residential Center and Early Learning Center); graduated from college in 2017

Proven Benefits of Early Education

Children who receive quality early education are:

More likely to graduate high school
More likely to secure employment
More likely to own a home
Less likely to need special education