Show You Care Enough to Help Our Children

What’s it like to be a vulnerable child, living in a crime-ridden neighborhood right here in Chicago? Fortunately, that’s a reality many of us don’t have to face — the fear, the trauma, the lack of opportunities.

For 30 years, we here at Children’s Place Association have been working to stop the injustice. We want you to join us, donate and support our work.


  • 1 Week of Meals for a Child
  • Field Trips for youth

  • Grocery Cards for families

Let Your Good Fortune Help Others

Your Impact

Your contribution can change a child’s life in the following ways:


  • Two weeks of over-the-counter medications and supplies for medically complex children.

  • One youth or parent workshop such as leadership training, financial literacy, neighborhood safety, cooking/nutrition
  • Transportation for families to access health and wellness services and child care


  • Allows five preschoolers to participate in an educational field trip to a local museum, park or zoo.
  • Food and supplies for neighborhood-led community and family activities, including monthly family nights


  • Feed 8 children for 1 week or 1 child for 8 weeks
  • Buy gift cards for 6 families to purchase uniforms and school supplies


  • Pays for one month of nutritional consultation by a Rush University Medical Center dietitian, helping Children’s Place address dietary issues for kids with eating disorders or chronic conditions.


  • Funds six weeks of After School activities, including the cost of food, transportation and supplies, to offer a safe, supportive space for children from insecure communities.
  • Funds up to three Youth-led Community Service projects, such as neighborhood clean-ups or improvements…a great way to get youngsters involved in transforming their neighborhoods.


  • Supports three months of children’s mental health services, including therapy for kids who have experienced the trauma of neighborhood violence.
  • Supports educational community programming on mental health awareness, chronic disease, importance of well checks, and economic stability.


  • Feed 73 kids for one week at our Early Learning Center
  • Emergency Community Fund for vital resources (food, rent, supplies)


  • Help build an outdoor safe play space for our new Child Thrive Resource Center.
  • Support up to 10 grants that will allow local groups to conduct community-led projects that impact children, youth and families in the West Humboldt Park area.
  • Provides on-site nursing care for five weeks, ensuring that preschoolers with medical conditions can attend our specialized Early Learning Center.

$10,000 DONATION

  • Help support five months of medical consultation by a Rush University Medical Center pediatrician, which allows Children’s Place to help scores of health-compromised kids in multiple programs.