Meet Lizette Gomez

With a commendable four-year tenure at Children’s Place Association, Lizette marvels at the unwavering strength of her team and their remarkable commitment to supporting one another by identifying needs and fostering personal growth.

When asked about her desired superpower, Lizette’s choice would undoubtedly be teleportation, envisioning a world where she could effortlessly reduce her driving time and cherish precious moments with her beloved family. Pistachio stands as her ultimate ice cream indulgence, and her penchant for decorating and organizing serves as an adored hobby.

About Our Home-Based Program:

Our home-visiting program offers vital support to parents as they deal with the challenges of raising babies and young children. Their visits focus on linking pregnant women with prenatal care, promoting strong parent-child attachment, and coaching parents on learning activities that foster their child’s development and supporting parents’ role as their child’s first and most important teacher. Home visitors also conduct regular screenings to help parents identify possible health and developmental issues. Are you interested in learning more about this free program, or do you know someone who might?

Please reach out to or at 773-395-9193..