🌟 Introducing Arienne Calingo, one of our newest Junior Board Members! 🌟

Arienne, a Marketing Communications Specialist at Notre Dame Law School, brings her dedication and vibrant spirit to Children’s Place Association. As an advocate for early childhood education and cultural relevance, she is set to make a significant impact on our community.


🌈 Why did Arienne join the Junior Board? “As an educator, I understand the importance of children feeling valued, safe, and loved. Although my professional background is in higher education, I’ve developed a passion for early childhood education and culturally relevant curricula. It’s an honor to inspire and support Chicago’s most vulnerable children. I fully support CPA’s mission to create a nurturing environment where all children can thrive, regardless of race or socioeconomic status. I look forward to collaborating with the dynamic and diverse group of young professionals on CPA’s Junior Board and making a positive impact in my community by empowering Chicago’s youth.”
💫 If Arienne could have a superpower, it would be the ability to fly. ✈️ “I love to travel and flying would let me visit new places on a whim. Plus, it would help me dunk a basketball!”
Her favorite comfort food is sinigang na baka, a traditional Filipino beef soup. 🍲
When she’s not working or supporting CPA, Arienne enjoys a variety of activities: basketball, dance, playing the piano and violin, photography, poetry, dodgeball, marine conservation activities, watching horror and Hayao Miyazaki films, traveling, and collecting keychains from different countries.
🎨 Hidden talents? Arienne explores several forms of art. Her mixed media collage, “Rise,” dedicated to Iranian women protesting against the compulsory hijab, is currently on display at the South Bend Museum of Art until the end of August 2024. “I use my artwork to raise awareness of international human rights and social justice issues.”
Let’s give a warm welcome to Arienne, who brings her diverse talents and passion to our mission!

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