May was ripe with fun-filled educational and social activities – from baking muffins for Mother’s Day, hosting a local farmer’s market to collect and learn about nutritious foods and learning ways to build self-confidence to finalizing plans for our We Are ONE Chicago Celebration and getting ready for summer!

Read on to enjoy all that transpired this month and to learn what’s ahead.

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Mark Your Calendar 

Check out these fun events we have coming up, and join us! 

  • Wednesday, June 21 – Foster Parent Orientation

  • Wednesday, June 28 – Foster Parent Training
  • **Thursday, June 29 – Quarterly Family Summer Fun Event

for more event details and volunteer opportunities

* Events open to the public (most of our events are community-based)
** Volunteers are needed

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Painting Party

On June 24th, a few members of the Junior Board will embark on the Early Learning Center to give a facelift to the sign out front to help the outside reflect the warmth inside our beloved Center.

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