Amidst the scorching heat of summer, our team is on fire! The ELC school year ended with a fun end-of-year celebration, and we’re excited for the mid-August preschool graduation. Child Thrive was busy managing two summer camps. Our Foster Care team helped foster children prepare for their college journey, while Publicis Sapient’s 45 interns infused fresh energy into our mission. August brings a preschool graduation and a visit from Mesirow staff, dedicated to our mission. Grateful for the impact we’re making and eager for the future!

Read on to enjoy all that transpired this month and to learn what’s ahead.

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Mark Your Calendar 

Check out these fun events we have coming up, and join us! 

  • July 31 – August 11: Child Thrive Summer Camp

  • Wednesday, August 16: Early Learning Center Graduation & Foster Parent Orientation

  • Wednesday, August 23: Foster Parent Training
  • *Sunday, August 19: 3rd Annual Pickleball Fundraiser

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* Events open to the public (most of our events are community-based)

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Our 2024 Junior Board
Join us in a warm welcome to our 2024 Junior Board, comprised of talented young Chicago professionals. This year’s members: Hannah Song & Derek Breese (Co-Presidents), Lynneah Cardine & Robyn Lynn (Outreach C0-Chairs), Paige Larson (Events Chair), Hannah Ashby (Communications Chair), and our awesome general board members – Ignacio Cabrera, Tyra Castle, Katie Conroy, Rachel Joyner, Brett Mandel, Brianna Richardson, Kelly Whitney, and Sean Whitney. We are excited to have them help amplify the CPA mission!

One Child At A TimeLooking to make a positive impact but unsure where to start? Join our passionate community of monthly donors and bring life-saving services to youth and families in need 365 days a year. Your small monthly contribution is one of the simplest but most important ways to make a lasting impact in the lives of our children and create sustainable solutions to poverty and health and racial equity. By giving a little each month, you can show your belief in their potential and support their future success.

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Get ready to empower young minds for a successful future! Early education lays the foundation for lifelong achievements. Join us in supporting our incredible kiddos and foster kids for the upcoming 2024 school-year! You can make a difference by either purchasing and dropping off essential items or conveniently checking out our Amazon Wish list. Together, let’s ensure these bright souls have the tools they need to thrive in their educational journey. Your contribution will make a lasting impact and bring smiles to their faces. Let’s gear up for a year full of learning and growth!

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