For some, the new year brings forth renewed energy with fresh aspirations and goals, while for others, it carries the weariness of a busy December and post-celebration blues, missing family and friends, or even a reminder of their daily struggles and need for support. Rates of depression and loneliness are at an all-time high following the New Year – particularly for those struggling with mental health issues.  It’s no surprise that January is Mental Health Awareness Month – a reminder to tend to our mental well-being.  

January is also a month celebrating the voice and light of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – a visionary who fought for systemic change, carving a pivotal pathway for social justice and equity. He invited us all to embrace the idea that we need to be active agents in improving our communities by strengthening our ties to one another while we address the critical issues that divide us.

This month, we celebrate all our staff, partners, volunteers, and supporters who dedicate themselves to supporting those who are struggling with mental health issues and trauma and those working towards a more equitable world where each person – regardless of background or zip code – has access to the care, safety, vital resources, and respect they each deserve. 

As January comes to a close, we invite you to reflect upon what it means to commit to serving others and the impact you have when you engage with your community – directly or indirectly – when you heed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s call to action.    

Read on to enjoy all that transpired this month and to learn what’s ahead.   

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  •  Wednesday, February 15th – Foster Parent Orientation 
  • Wednesday, February 22nd – Foster Parent Training 
  • SAVE THE DATE – Friday, June 2nd – Annual Gala 2023

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Program Spotlight: Home-Based Support
Did you know that Children’s Place Association has a home-based program for children from birth to three years old, supporting parents as primary educators and children as active learners? We provide infant health checks, monthly interaction and education for families, bilingual staff, year-round programming, and welcome children with disabilities. And there is no cost for qualifying families. To learn more, email

Meet A CPA Team Member

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Expressing Gratitude
We’re profoundly thankful to our Board of Directors and Junior Board for leading the charge during our year-end giving campaign and to all the individuals whose incredible generosity brought in nearly $36,500 to help meet our children’s and families’ most pressing needs this holiday season! 

SAVE THE DATE – Gala 2023
Mark your calendars for Friday, June 2, for our annual celebration bringing Children’s Place supporters together. This year, we are thrilled to have our Annual Gala Committee and our Junior Board join forces in hosting a fun and innovative “twist” on our yearly event honoring our youth and families, leaders, volunteers, supporters, and more! Stay tuned for more details.

Want to get involved in helping us inspire others and build bridges within our community? Whether it’s volunteering to help us plan the gala or engaging donors and sponsors to help support our mission, we would love to have you join us! Email Shantal at to learn more about how YOU can make an impact.

Tools for Safety & Education
Providing resources that ensure a child’s ability to get somewhere safely and the tools needed for an enriching educational experience is vital to our children and youth’s development and experience. Some current priority needs are car seats, art supplies, and STEM kits. Please read the “How You Can Help” section for more details.


Client Milestones – SMART Goals Achievements  
Clients have an annual service plan that provides a wellness and independence support model through development domains. Each domain focuses on task goals that are accomplished through a SMART goal format, analyzed and supported monthly through case management support, and recognized quarterly for development and participation achievement. The SMART goal format provides clients with Specific, Measurable, Actionable Steps, and Time-Bound defined measures within the service plan which provides clear guidance with supportive curricular guidance.

Congratulations to our clients for achieving amazing milestones this month: 

  • Completing 13 consecutive weeks of therapy and working a lot on their manuscript.
  • Attending a low-income housing open house, preparing to study for their drivers permit test, teaching their youngest son to write his name, celebrating their older son starting on the basketball team and for overall reading more books for their own relaxation.
  • Passing their driver’s portion of the Illinois State Driver’s License test.
  • Obtaining a window and city sticker for their car, awaiting their background check to sign up for ShipIt/UberEats filling out applications at other housing locations out of state, and hosting an excellent Thanksgiving party where the food was so good that they didn’t have leftovers.   

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The Beginning of a Partnership
Child Thrive is beyond excited to have started our KIPP partnership on the 23rd! We are looking forward to this great start to a new adventure for Child Thrive in hopes this brings us closer to more school partnerships! Child Thrive is looking to start Family Fridays in March. Dates are still being finalized so be on the lookout! 

Child Thrive January

(Paul creating his ping-pong paddle & the Child Thrive team’s 1st day at KIPP!) 

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Sports Physicals & Pediatric Consultations 
Does your child(ren) have a cold, flu, strep throat, or COVID-19? If you don’t know, take advantage of getting a free consultation! We offer the community free school-age pediatric consultations and sports physicals with our continued partnership with Rush and Dr. Margi. Every Wednesday (unless otherwise noted by Dr. Margi) from 1 – 5 pm. To set an appointment, email 

Mental Health
Our partner, JPA, continues to offer mental health counseling on-site (at WHP) every Friday from 2:00-6:00 pm with Ben. We also have Julie available for individuals who prefer services with a female-oriented/gendered person. These services are available to everyone associated with CPA and the West Humboldt Park community.  To make an appointment, email 

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Student Enrollment 
The Center welcomed its final two families this month for full enrollment in our Head Start and Early Head Start programs! Our Home-Based program has had a spike in new applications thanks to Delilah Bedolla’s recruitment efforts and is nearing 50% enrollment! 

Newsletter Program Photos

(The kids getting outside in January and practicing yoga stretches and meditation) 

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