We are honored to have nurses Christina Gould and Justine Sirhan on our team!   

“Christina continues to go above and beyond! She was very patient with grandparents who were new to foster care and had their three specialized grandkids placed in their homes. She located a primary care doctor and specialists in their area so they wouldn’t have to travel from the northwest suburbs to Chicago for appointments. We celebrate you not only during Nurses Week but every day!” – Almeta Rollins, Foster Care Case Manager.  


“The best way to describe Justine is her being a needle in a haystack.  A school nurse like her is extremely hard to find. She led us through the unknown COVID-19.  She took on extra requirements with no hesitation or expectations.  Because of her expertise and commitment, the Early Learning Programs remained SAFE for unprecedented times as we resumed in-person services after only having a short 3-month closure.  We are fortunate and grateful to have her.  She is spectacular in many capacities, and we love her!” – Porsche Snowden, Director of Education and Support Services and Operations.  


Thank you, Christina and Justine, for who you are and what you do!