Letter from our site supervisor Monica Diaz

To Our Wonderful CPA (ELC & Home-Based) Families,

We have all heard the devasting news of the recent school shooting, and our hearts are with the Uvalde community in Texas. We understand that this is a scary and emotional time for students, parents, and educators. Please know that the safety and well-being of our CPA family are our highest priority. We will ensure to maintain our entrances locked and secure and ask for patience during drop-off and pick-up times as someone from the staff will need to let you into the building. I also would like to share that we have safety protocols to ensure staff has best practices. Our children and families may be looking to their trusted adults to offer information and guidance on how to process everything. So we’d like to provide families with some resources/links that were shared with us to support everyone during this tragic event:

Support for Parents:

For managing your distress

National Parent Helpline

When the World Feels Like a Scary Place.
Parents and educators guide conversation scripts and tips on helping kids feel calm in an anxious world.

Support for Children:

Picture book read-a-loud that reassures kids that the world is filled with helpful and friendly people, “Most People” – ages 4 to 7

For a few helpful read-a-loud for younger kids on coping with worries:
“The Don’t Worry Book” – ages 3 to 5

“Ruby Finds A Worry” – ages 4 to 7

“What To Do When You Worry Too Much” – ages 6 to 12

Outsmarting Worry– ages 9 to 13

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens” – ages 13 and up

We understand that this is a difficult and emotional time for everyone. Please know we are here to support you and ask that you do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need additional support.

Monica Diaz
Education Supervisor