As they say, it takes a village. In this case, it took a dedicated Junior Board, passionate sponsors, and amazing vendors to create an out of this world event. 

On May 13, we gathered for good food, tasty beverages, great conversations, and raising needed funds to help us continue to do our life-changing work with some of Chicago’s most vulnerable Children at our annual fundraiser – Around the World with the Junior Board gala.  

Along with a fun evening, a one-week trip for two to a Vistana Resort was raffled off, and Jessica Gregory is the winner! Congrats Jessica! We hope you have a great time and send pictures! 

To stay with the travel theme, we had our kids from our different programs color pictures of places they would want to go in the world, and they were adorable! 

It’s efforts like this fundraiser that allow us to help these families and kids dream bigger. Perhaps one day, we will hear that Kameron (see her picture above) made it to the moon and that all our kids are living a happy, healthy, and safe life. 

A huge thank you to our Junior Board members for hosting the first in-person event in two years. 

Jr Board Members

Left: Derek Breese, Rachel Joyner, Maureen McCluskey, Sue Sullivan, and Breck Seitz

Along with our Junior Board members, it’s the support of our dedicated sponsors that allows us to continue to support these kids and families. Thanks to CIBC, Duane Morris, Monticello Associates, Morgan Stanley, Michalik Funeral Home, and Karen Bennett. 

We also want to thank The Arbory for a beautiful venue, Jewell Event Catering for amazing food,  
Fig Media for their great DJing service, and Mary Glabowicz for capturing the evening through her lens.  

What our CPA kids have to say: 

“I want to go to the moon!” – Kameron, four years old

“I’ve never been on an airplane, but I want to, and I would go to New York City.” – Jeyce, five years old.  

“I want to go to New York.” – Treasure, four years old. 

“I am going to Florida with mommy.” – Yandel, four years old 

“I want to go to Puerto Rico and New York.” – Danilo, four years old 

“I would go to Hawaii with my mom.” – Jaedeen, five years old 

“I would go to Hawaii.” – Nyla, four years old 

“I want to go to Texas to see all the Selena stuff.” – Roselyn, five years old 

“I want to go to New York.” – KB, four years old 

Three-year-old K.K wants to go to Polynesia (inspired by Mauna)   

Four-year-old K.K. wants to go to Columbia (inspired by Encanto)
*These two girls were recently adopted.  

Check out more of their pictures below:

Around the World Artwork

  We had such a fun night and we wanted to share some of the memories here with you.

Junior Board Gala 2022