Children’s Place Association Early Learning Center participated in the 50th Anniversary of ‘The Week of the Young Child.’ The event, organized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, is a week celebrating early learning, young children, families, and communities.

Our teachers took the kids on a trip around the world right in their classrooms! To get the event started, the kids boarded CPA Airlines for destination fun and learning! The Early Learning Center was decorated in locations like: Australia, Brazil, France, Hawaii, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, and Russia.

Music Monday: The team created a series of activities in the classroom and virtually on Class Dojo all about the music! From creating songs to learning about instruments, Monday was musical!

Tasty Tuesday: The team offered several food related activities to help our families learn about food round the world, healthy snacks, and meal planning. Tuesday was yummy!

Work Together Wednesday: The team focused on skills for teamwork and successful group play!

Artsy Thursday: CPA airlines stopped in several states and countries so the kids could learn about different art projects and techniques. The team also shared projected for the virtual learners.

Family Friday: The in-person kids learned about each other’s families, while the virtual kids learned ideas for quality time together in the safety of their homes.

CPA landed safely back in the center and a lot of fun was had by all!

It is through generous donations that allow us to bring engaging activities to Chicago’s most vulnerable kids. Thank you!