As we celebrate nurses around the country for National Nurses Day, we at Children’s Place Association want to give a shoutout to our favorite nurses – Nurse Christina and Nurse Justine.

Christina is the nurse for our Foster Care Program. “We want to thank Christina for her hard work, dedication and advocacy, as well as the excellent nursing services she provides!  We are truly blessed and grateful to have her on our team!” – Ivan Harrison III, Foster Care Program Manager.

Justine is the School Nurse for our Early Learning Center. “Justine is always working so hard to support our children, families and staff.  She continuously goes above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of our program is top notch.  She is phenomenal, and we appreciate her so much!” – Porsche Snowden, Early Learning Center Program Manager. Thank YOU Justine for who you are and what you do!

Thank YOU Christina and Justine for who you are and what you do!