We Give Thanks.

It’s the season of gratitude. While life isn’t easy for our kids, they are resilient, hopeful, and grateful. We asked them to share with us what they are thankful for, and here are some of their responses: 

 “I am grateful for my friends, my play vanity set, and for my princess room.” – AG (age 3) 

 “I am grateful for my teacher, my family, and all the kids in the school. I am also grateful for my princess (referring to his sister AG) and for my brother MG.” – LG (age 5) 

“I’m grateful for rice pudding, my family, juice, and my house.” – Nikolai (age 5)

“I am grateful that we are home, and I love family and friends. Also, to me, giving means sharing.”  – MG (age 6) 

“I’m grateful for my family, Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan.” – Isaiah (age 6)

“I’m grateful for CB, visits with my brother, living with DaW, and my school.” – DeW (age 8) 

“I’m appreciative for my family.” – Esmail  (age 9)

“I’m grateful for my new job, my foster parent, and that I was able to finish high school and graduate on time. I am also grateful for my health and friends.” – DP (age 18) 

“I’m grateful for this family, especially my siblings and foster parent.  I am also grateful for my friends and everything that I have.” 
– LP (age 19)

Our Early Learning Center kids in the Dolphin classroom also took turns sharing what they are grateful for in this sweet photo. 

Collage Thanks

We at Children’s Place Association have many reasons to be grateful. We are thankful for our kids and families, our CPA team, our volunteers, donors, and corporate sponsors, and we are thankful for YOU! 

We wish our kids and you a holiday season filled with deep gratitude for where you’ve been, where you are today, and where you are headed.