It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since we launched Pathways. Looking back, it’s humbling to witness all the myriad ways in which we have built pathways forward for our kids and families, together, and how we continue doing so each day. From fall festivals and fun sing-a-longs to celebrating our international work and looking ahead to our annual Adopt a Family event, we have so much to be grateful for. Check out what took place at CPA in October below, and stay tuned for the exciting happenings unfolding before the year’s end. 

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Check out what’s happening at CPA

  • Tuesday, November 8 – Junior Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, November 16 – Foster Parent Orientation
  • Wednesday, November 16 – Junior Board Meet and Greet Social
  • Wednesday, November 23 – Foster Parent Training
  • Friday & Saturday, December 5 & 6 – Adopt A Family gift sorting
  • Friday, December 9 – Place The Hope virtual gathering

For more information on the above events, CLICK HERE.

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Sing-Along with Nanny Nikki 
Grammy-nominated musician, Nanny Nikki, visited our Early Learning Center and conducted a fun sing-along with our early learners.  

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CLICK HERE for more pictures.

Bringing Hope to Our Families
Our CPA elves are busy gathering family information on holiday wishes. We have 132 families participating in this year’s Adopt a Family program, which provides our families hope and joy during the holiday season. 

There is still time for you to adopt one of our families. CLICK HERE to get started!

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A HUGE CPA shoutout to CNA for their $5,000 Adopt a Family sponsorship! 

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Giving Tuesday – Your Support Matters
Did you know #GivingTuesday was initiated ten years ago to unleash the power of shared humanity and generosity worldwide? Every year, people around the world give back on this special day. And now is your chance, too. With your donation, you show the children and families in Chicago that you believe in their potential, future, and lives.  

We hope to raise a very modest $10,000, which would make a huge difference to the kids and families we serve. We urge all of our CPA families, allies, and donors this November to truly reflect on the needs of Chicago’s at-risk youth who benefit from our community-based services, which help build their resiliency and develop life skills to make healthy decisions. 

$25 – 1 week of meals for a child
$50 – Supports our free afterschool program for youth
$100 – Safety, nutrition, and job training for families 

If you cannot make a financial donation, you can simply share information with your friends on Facebook or through email, or share CPA images on your social media pages to raise awareness about our organization. 

Join us on November 29th to let our kids know they matter! 

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Junior Board Meet and Greet
Join us on November 16 from 6:15-8:15pm at Alla Vita restaurant for a fun social networking event. Meet the new members on the Junior Board and reconnect with familiar faces. Learn about the exciting things we have in store this year and how to get involved. Help us grow our impact: bring a colleague or friend and introduce them to Children’s Place’s mission and work! All guests must RSVP for the dinner by November 11. Email No walk-ins.


Client Accomplishments
Our clients have an annual service plan broken down into different development domains focusing on task-goals through a SMART goal format. This past month:  

  • A client began nursing classes at Malcolm X College to become a registered nurse. This client has been employed at Menards for years but desires to work with infectious diseases and help families needing supportive medical care.
  • A client obtained her driver’s license for the first time by working with case management staff. The client recently purchased a car and is excited about the opportunities to increase her income and living options by having transportation. She appreciated the SMART goal format as it helped her to focus on what she specifically needed to do, take steps to complete what she wanted, and get it done.
  • A client has been hired as a patient representative. After working years in food service, she didn’t feel it would be possible to shift into another career. A plan was structured around her desired professional goals through the SMART goals. She learned how to restructure her resume, participated in mock interviews, and landed a 9 am – 5 pm job allowing her to have a regular schedule to spend time at home with her family. 

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Quarterly celebration of client accomplishments 

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Thrive Afterschool
Our Thrivers have been having a blast settling back into programming, playing social-emotional games, crafting new works of art, and having fun after school. Beginning in January of 2023, we will partner with Kipp One Academy to provide a wonderful opportunity for more children to enjoy our services. 

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CLICK HERE to see more Child Thrive pictures.

Fall Festival
We will be