Children’s Place Association is thrilled to announce our new Founding Resource Partner

for CPA’s Child Thrive Initiative – Mesirow.  

For 30 years, Children’s Place Association has partnered with local communities to build a better tomorrow for Chicago’s most vulnerable children – those challenged by health disparities, poverty and racial injustice. Our services stabilize vulnerable children and strengthen families so they can build a more promising future.

 This summer, Children’s Place will launch Child Thrive, a new initiative based in West Humboldt Park – a high-need area struggling with the impact of long-term systemic racism and disinvestment. The goal is to help this westside community transform from one of the harshest places to be a child into a great place to grow up… a neighborhood where every child can THRIVE.  A core element of Child Thrive is the creation of a Child Thrive Resource Center, where residents will access mental health, primary health care, youth programming and initiate community sponsored activities to bolster response to neighborhood violence and social determinants of health. 

“We believe that everyone should be able to safely live, work and play in their community, and Mesirow has for decades partnered with Children’s Place to support families in doing so,” said Ellie Forman, VP of Community Engagement for Mesirow. “It is only through collaborative work that big, systemic issues like mental health, trauma, violence and economic development in our communities can be addressed. We are inspired by Child Thrive’s collective approach to resolving these challenges.”

“We are so grateful for the leadership and long-standing commitment that Richard Price – Mesirow’s Chairman and CEO – and Mesirow have shown over the years serving as corporate champions for underserved communities,” says Cathy Krieger – President and CEO of Children’s Place. 

Richard has been a tireless advocate and thought leader for Children’s Place since our earliest days – connecting us to new donors, board and committee members, volunteers and key government officials. “We would not be here today without his efforts through the years,”  Krieger said.

As we look ahead at the next 30 years of growth, we are so excited for the opportunity to continue making an impact through our collaborative partnership with Mesirow. Thank you for supporting CPA’s mission in building a more promising future for Chicago’s most vulnerable children!