🌟 Meet Lizbeth Botello, a new Junior Board member.

Lizbeth is a Boston University student studying medicine to become a pediatric emergency physician.

🌟 Why Lizbeth joined the Junior Board:
Motivated to combat community violence and support Chicago’s youth, Lizbeth initially sought to mentor young individuals. Her personal experiences and recognition of the importance of early childhood development led her to join the junior board and volunteer at our Early Learning Center.

💫 If Lizbeth had a superpower:
She would have the ability to speak any language fluently to foster connections and share stories.

🍲 Lizbeth’s favorite comfort food:
Her go-to comfort food is Pozole, a traditional Mexican soup.

Lizbeth’s favorite hobbies:
One of her favorite hobbies is reading self-help books and the Bible.

🌍 Inspiring the Latin community:
Lizbeth wakes up daily with the mission of transcending barriers imposed in her life as a first-generation Latina. She hopes her path in prestigious institutions will be a beacon of hope and inspiration. With a dream to break barriers and redefine possibilities for herself and others, Lizbeth’s relentless pursuit of higher education and medical aspirations exemplify her community’s resilience and determination. Through her endeavors, Lizbeth is shaping her future and paving the way for future generations of Latin American individuals to dream big and achieve their goals.

Let’s give a round of applause to Lizbeth, who is making a positive impact professionally and personally!


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