🌟 Meet Derek Breese, our fabulous Junior Board Co-President! 🌟
👔 Derek is a Managing Director at CIBC and brings an impressive 7.5 years of dedication to the CPA Junior Board. We are grateful for his long-term commitment!
🌈 Why did Derek join the Jr. Board? “I joined the Junior Board because it has a tangible impact on the families we serve. Seeing how our efforts support and uplift the children and families is extremely memorable and gratifying.”
💫 If Derek had a superpower, it would be teleportation! “Visiting any place on Earth in the blink of an eye (without being stuck in traffic or waiting at an airport) would be the best!”
🍲 Derek’s go-to comfort food is chili – a hearty choice for a dedicated leader!
⚽️ When he’s not making a difference in the community, Derek enjoys playing and watching soccer – easily his favorite sport.
Let’s give a round of applause to Derek, who is making a positive impact professionally and personally!


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