Meet Delilah Bedolla –

Delilah, an exceptional Family Support Specialist in our esteemed Home Base Learning program, who has been an invaluable asset to Children’s Place Association for three enriching years. Delilah draws boundless inspiration from her work with families, witnessing their triumphant journey towards achieving their goals.

Delilah’s profound adoration extends to her remarkable team, relishing the harmonious family atmosphere within CPA and the unwavering mutual respect shared among colleagues. If bestowed with a superpower, Delilah would choose the ability to never gain weight, envisioning a world where physical limitations cease to hinder her.

During her well-deserved downtime, you may find Delilah embarking on serene nature walks or dedicating herself to invigorating exercise routines. It is worth noting that Delilah possesses an unwavering love for Italian Ice, savoring every delightful moment of its icy goodness.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Delilah for her unwavering commitment and remarkable contributions to our organization.

About Our Home-Based Program:

Our home-visiting program offers vital support to parents as they deal with the challenges of raising babies and young children. Their visits focus on linking pregnant women with prenatal care, promoting strong parent-child attachment, and coaching parents on learning activities that foster their child’s development and supporting parents’ role as their child’s first and most important teacher. Home visitors also conduct regular screenings to help parents identify possible health and developmental issues. Are you interested in learning more about this free program, or do you know someone who might?

Email: or call 773-395-9193.