Children’s place association presents

One Child At A Time

Big journeys begin with small changes.

Small donations can create BIG results in helping vulnerable kids in Chicago. By providing a small, recurring donation to Children’s Place Association dedicated to assisting children and families facing health issues, neighborhood violence, and systemic racism, you can make a huge difference in their lives.

By donating even just a few dollars each month, you’ll be helping these kids receive essential medical care, counseling services and educational resources. Your contribution will provide them with the chance for a better future; one that is free of violence and discrimination. It will also give them the opportunity to gain valuable life skills such as problem-solving abilities and decision-making tools that will help them navigate their current problems as well as any potential ones they may face in the future.

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Your support is also an investment into the future of these children – enabling them to build upon their education and develop the skills they need to succeed in life. Through this small but meaningful gesture, you can help break down barriers that have been created through poverty, violence and systemic racism and help put our kids on the path toward achieving their dreams.

Together we can make a difference by joining forces against these social issues with just one small recurring donation at a time – proving that even the smallest of contributions yield big results!

Thank you for helping build a secure & hopeful today,
so children facing health issues & poverty succeed tomorrow.