As I approach my first Juneteenth holiday as President & CEO of Children’s Place Association, I do so with unrelenting gratitude. Juneteenth celebrates liberation, the removal of shackles, and allows the hope of restoration. CPA’s mission is built on this premise. We work daily to remove the shackles of inequity so that hope, optimism, resilience, and a better tomorrow can emerge. 


So, as you enjoy the day off to have family cookouts, play in the park, or lounge at the beach please join me in being grateful. Give thanks for where we are, and how far we have come. We do not do this to ignore the dark, sordid history of enslaved people in America. We do it in respect and recognition for those who have fought to emancipate us throughout history. 


Enjoy the holiday as you celebrate being a liberator in your own right! And please take time to learn a bit more about Juneteenth here. 



Cinaiya Stubbs
Children’s Place Association President & CEO 


Here are some events happening this weekend around Chicagoland:

Block Club Chicago

Chicago Defender

Chicago Parent

Choose Chicago

NBC Chicago

We wish you a happy, healthy, and safe Juneteenth!