“Each day of our lives we make deposits
in the memory banks of our children.”
Charles R. Swindoll

For the past 30 years, Children’s Place Association has worked tirelessly creating happier memories for Chicago’s most vulnerable children. From our earliest beginning to where we find ourselves today, we are so grateful for the community supporters who have been instrumental in allowing us to have a positive impact in building healthy and sustainable communities for our kids to grow up in and thrive.

We are so proud and appreciative for all that we’ve achieved together, and we are excited to expand our programs as we continue to inspire social change and serve as a beacon of hope for Chicago’s most vulnerable children for the next 30 years.

Our History and Future

Children’s Place Association was founded to help kids whose lives and futures are in peril. Opened in 1991 as a residence for babies with HIV/AIDS, Children’s Place pioneered comprehensive services to address health and economic crises. Today, we serve children and families challenged by health disparities, poverty, neighborhood violence and racial injustice. Later this year Children’s Place will launch Child Thrive, a new initiative based in West Humboldt Park, one of the harshest places in Chicago to be a child. The goal is to help this community transform into a great place to grow up, a neighborhood where every child can THRIVE.

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While we are proud of how far we’ve come in the past 30 years, there is still an urgent need to help children facing health inequities and violence in their communities feel safe and have access to critical support services that allow them to thrive. We are excited to have you be part of the solution. Your generous one-time gift or recurring monthly donation will help to ensure our ability to continue serving those in greatest need through our new Child Thrive Community Center and other programs.

From our hearts to yours, thank you for being part of Children’s Place Association’s journey of changing lives as a Champion for Chicago’s most vulnerable children. 


Children’s Place Association intervenes at critical points in a child’s development by stabilizing the most vulnerable children and families, crafting personalized plans for their well-being and providing comprehensive services that break the cycle of poverty and illness.


Child Thrive is a new collaborative initiative based in West Humboldt Park – a high-need area on Chicago’s westside struggling with gun violence and the impact of structural racism. Child Thrive will expand resources in this underserved neighborhood, including access to primary care, mental health, youth mentoring and economic development in collaboration with local partners – Rush University Medical Center, JPA/Juvenile Protective Association and West Humboldt Park Development Council – at the new Children’s Place Child Thrive Resource Center.



Our Early Education programs serve many low-income children, ages six weeks to five years old, whose families are challenged by various health conditions or disabilities. The majority of families are single-parent households with a family member (adult and/or child) facing a serious health issue. Our Early Learning Center is one of Chicago’s only preschools with on-site health services, including a full-time registered nurse who coordinates screenings and special therapies. Our staff and teachers also deliver specialized curriculum, customized to meet the needs of each child. Despite numerous challenges, 100% of children graduating from our Center are fully prepared for kindergarten.



Children’s Place provides substitute care for children separated from their families due to abuse or neglect. We also offer supportive housing for families challenged by health issues and housing insecurities. And we help parents and children work toward a brighter tomorrow through case management and mental health services.